Pulley Manufacturers in India

We are the leading pulley manufacturer in India, pulley supplier in India and also the pulley exporter in India. The company makes use of the best quality raw materials and are manufactured using the latest technology. The wide range of the pulley like Timing Pulley, V Belt Pulley, Taper Lock Pulley, Flat Belt Pulley, Step Pulley, Cone Pulley, Chain Pulley, Multi Groove Pulley is manufactured and supplied by us worldwide.

The Rajendra Pulleys is providing the wide range of the pulleys that are available in the different sizes, pattern and design. The pulleys can be easily selected as per the requirement and the applications. The pulley that is provided by the company is as per the standards that they can be easily used by the national and international countries.The entire pulley manufacturing process is carried out under the expert supervision and is of the superior quality. After passing the strict quality check this pulleys are supplied and exported to the different countries.

Best quality pulley manufacturer in India

400x3-B Taper Lock

Pulley Manufacturer, Pulley Manufacturer in India

50" x 11 - E Split

Taper lock pulley manufacturer

22"x11-E Split

Taper Lock Pulley

900x6-E Taper Lock

Taper Lock Pulley Manufacturer In India

24x4-C Taper Lock

Pulley Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

42 X 6 Flat Pulley

1210 X 8 - SPC SPLIT Pulley manufacturer

1210 x 8 - SPC Split

Pulley India, Pulley manufacturer in Ahmedabad

1210 x 8 - SPC Split

Pulley India

38 x 3 C Split

Pulley Manufacturer Ahmedabad

40 x 8 - C

Exporter of Flat belt pulley

Flat Belt Pulley

Exporter of taper lock pulley

Taper Lock Pulley

Manufacturer of timing belt pulley

Timing Belt Pulley

step pulley manufacturer, industrial pulley

Step Pulley

variable drive pulley manufacturer in india

Variable Drive Pulley

Cone Pulley manufacturer in india

Cone Pulley

multi groove pulley manufacturer in india

Multi Groove Pulley

Manufacturer, exporter of Chain Pulley

Chain Pulley

50X6-SPC Taper Lock Pulley manufacturer

Bush taper lock pulley

chain pulley manufacturers in india


50X6-SPC Taper Lock Pulley manufacturer

50x6-SPC Taper Lock


The features of the pulleys provided by us are as follows

  • Superior exterior surface finish
  • Superior quality
  • Possess longer shelf life
  • Require less maintenance
  • Fault free operation

We are the pulley supplier in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Bangalore, etc. and also the pulley exporter in India and are exporting our products to the countries like Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Iraq, Iran, Kenya, etc. The Rajendra Pulley Pedestal Center is the foremost pulley manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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