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About Us

is the leading manufacturers and exporters of superior quality engineering products such as Sprocket, Chain, Pulley, Couplings, gears etc which are considered to be one of the industry's most dependable sources.

Since our establishment we have always strived to be renowned supplier of superior quality products at the most competitive rates. Our aim is to achieve a respectable position in the worldwide engineering Industry. We provide our Pulley with complete Bore Key and Dynamic balancing, we are using different grade of material like GCI 15, GCI 20, GCI 25, SG 700/2, SG 600/3, SG 500/7, SG 400/2, also as per the customer requirement

Located in India, we have captured the top position in market by fabricating and supplying high precision quality products. Our products are used in various industries like

We are supplying our products in different industries like

  • Oil Mill
  • Sugar Mill
  • Textile Mill
  • Crusher Plant
  • Dairy Plant
  • Rice Mill
  • Paper Mill
  • Ball Mill
  • Food Machinery
  • Gases Industries
  • Gining Mill
  • Rolling Mill
  • Power Plant
  • Pump & Compressor
  • etc.

Our company is painstakingly devoted towards manufacturing and supplying specialized power transmission products like Pulley Gear, Timing Belt Pulley, Gear, Couplings, Chain Sprocket, Pedestal,  V-Belt Pulley, Variable Pulley and Taper Lock Pulley in India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad,  Maharashtra,  Mumbai, Pune,  Aurangabad,  Bangalore,  Indore,  Karnataka,  Kerala,  Andhra Pradesh,  Hyderabad,  Saudi Arabia,  South Africa,  Iraq,  Iran,  Kenya,  Dubai,  Pakistan,  Vapi,  M.P,  Nepal,  Oman,  Russia,  Sudan,  Turkey,  Bangladesh and  Chennai.

We are always interested to develop new customized Industrial Component through extensive R&D facility. We are constantly expanding and our aim is to continuously improve quality and provide quality products to our customers at optimum price.

Our Pulley are made up of top-notch quality of raw material as per the specific requirement of the customer by optimizing the latest technology.

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